Saturday, 11 October 2014

Primark Fake Nails, ANOTHER REVIEW

Hello, welcome back if your coming back and hi there how r u if your new.
I know that i have done a Primark fake nails review before, but that was over a year ago and i just wanted to stress again about how good they are.

I have been buying Primark fake nails for nearly 2 years now, and i don't think ill ever stop buying them, everything about them is perfect, they are just like my best friend. How do i even begin describing them?!?!

Primark fake nails are £1, and i know you'll think, Primarks cheap, they won't be good quality, the glue will be rubbish and they'll fall off instantly, because thats what i thought the first time i bought them, but they are TOTALLY the opposite. The pack you get contains 24 nails of different sizes, and a small nail glue, enough to last you to applicate each nail about 100 times over theres so much of it. Its like the tardis, small on the outside and big on the inside. The nails don't fall off instantly, they last for a good few days, even a couple of weeks, (one time i managed to keep them on for 2 weeks and 1 day, and only has to reapply 4 of them in that time). They are amazing value for money, and i recommend them to anyone, first time tryers or people who have bought them before but not that often because the ore expensive brands look better quality, don't waste your money! 

Primark fake nails change in no way the condition of your nails. Yes, when one of them fall off they leave a bit of glue on the nail, but that comes off with soap and warm water, or even a bit of nail varnish remover, so no biggie! They have been a lifesaver to me, since i am a nail biter, and can't remember the time i wasn't (But i have recently stopped biting my nails and am now letting them grow!). They make my nails look normal, and means i can use the many bottles of nail varnish which i can't use with my own tiny nails.

You can get Primark fake nails in a variety of shades, patterns, everything, but i usually tend to go for the classic french, and i either wear them as they are, or more often then not, paint over them.  Also, another thing that i like to do, is to file them down sometimes, if i know I'm having a busy week, seeing as they seem to last longer when they are shorter! they file down very easily with just a normal nail file, Here are some pictures of some Primark nails i have painted over during the last few months. The condition of the skin around my nails are very bad, i know.

Now get down to your nearest Primark and buy some of these great buys, you will not regret it, but even if you do, they're only £1!!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

My Fave Face And Body Products

Hey guys, sorry i haven't posted since last week, but it was my first full week of school this week and i was just trying to get on top of homework and organisation this week, and I've been solo tired! Anyway, i think i have a post you'll like to read today, as i enjoy reading these a lot. 
These are only a few of my favourite products, as if i was to post all of my faves then you'd be reading this for years! 
Boots; Natural Collection body spray; £1.50
I love this body spray, it smells just so sweet and summery, and its just amazing. I think this is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it, because in my family I'm the only one who likes it, the others all think that its really sickly. I actually bought this in the sale, and so it was reduced, as i know now after trying to look for another bottle in boots they have upped the price to £4 i think, and changed the packaging. All in all, if the actual price was £1.50 then i'd be buying it all the time.

Soap and Glory; Sugar Crush body wash; £6.50
This body wash is probably my favourite of all time, i'm not sure how many times i have re-bought it, but i am absolutely in love with it. It smells so nice and fresh and makes me feel prepared and good for the rest of the day. It smells a bit sickly at first for some people, but for me, well not as much! The price is okay, seeing as the bottle does last you a long time, it takes me about a month to get through it, and i use it daily so I'm sure £6.50 a month is a good deal!

Soap and Glory; Peaches and Clean face wash; £8
This is probably my favourite face wash i have found so far, I've been through so many and tried loads, and this is by far the best for me, but it is different for all people. It smells amazing! Like peaches (hence the name), but with a sort of minty touch to it, and it leaves me feeling and my face smelling fresh.

Neutrogena; Spot Stress Control daily cleansing lotion; £3.99
This has been a lifesaver since going back to school, and i would recommend this to anyone! I seem to get a few more spots when I'm at school then when I'm at home in the holidays, i don't know why maybe its stress or maybe I'm allergic to school? Whatever it is, this has helped clear then up, almost totally, and i think stop any more from coming because I've not had one more arrive since I've been using this, and its worth the price too!

Montagne Jeunesse; Crystal Masque face mask; 99p
I bought a few of these from Primark, just over a year ago, to try because they looked quite cool on the packaging, (btw it doesn't actually turn out like that on your face, it's a sort of see through purpley colour), and i have been buying them ever since, because they smell nice, and they leave my skin feeling soft and just looking better somehow? The price is perfect, i wouldn't pay any more for them though, because its a face mask!

VO5; Heat Protect Styling Spray; £3.89
I have been using this product for about a year or so on my hair because everything about it is perfect. The price is a deal, it lasts me a long time, and actually compared to other heat sprays, isn't that expensive! It keeps my hair from being too damaged, before when i straightened my hair every day, it still got damaged, but not as much as when i used to never use heat spray! The smell of it, is just omg i love it, i can't explain it so you'll have to go into boots and have a sniff yourself, but its amazing!

ty for reading!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Gift Guide; 16th Birthday!- BOYS

Hey there, so this is the second part of my 16th birthday gift guide, and this post is for the boys! Happy buying!
JD Sports Gift Card, £30 value

Umbra Snap Photo Frames, £20

Lynx Mens 'Attract' Wash and Styling pack, £10

Universal Phone Tripod Holder, £6.99

Juice Apple Home Charger, £9.95

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Gift Guide; 16th Birthday!- GIRLS

Hi hello hey, as you may know I'm at my last year at school, and that means that all my friends, and mine, 16th birthdays are coming up, and i thought that i might be able to show you what sorts of presents are perfect for them, as ideas for yourselves, and what you can get friends and family! They don't have to be just for a birthday, or just for 16 year olds, they can be for anyone or anything that you think will be suited, but i would personally buy these things for the big 16. Ill be doing 2 posts, as not to make one long post, on what id get for both girls and boys. 
Benefit 'Do The Bright Thing' Kit, £26.50

House Of Holland Nails, Ghetto Gold, £8.99

Pandora Single Strand Bracelet, £25

Marc Jacobs Daisy 'Eau so fresh' Refillable Purse Spray 20ml, £29.50

Amelia Photo Frames Champagne, £18

Topshop Heart Print PJ Crop Top and Shorts, £20

Friday, 5 September 2014

Menorca 2014

Hi hi hi, so I've been wanting to do this post for a while now, but have been a bit apprehensive because in all these photos i look disgusting, and these were the only photos on my camera which weren't my brother playing football in the hotel, so anyway. 
I went to a lovely place called Son Bou, in Menorca, which is a Spanish island if you dint already know. This wasn't my first time being there, it was my seventh!, and all 7 times we have stayed in the same hotel, which is absolutely amazing! The hotel is called 'The Royal Son Bou Family Club' and if you haven't been there yet, i totally recommend going there, even if not to the same hotel, just go to the town because it is absolutely beautiful. I spent 2 weeks there and most of my time i was sitting by the sun lounger, reading and tanning, and managed to read a record of 8 books all holiday, so quite proud. (I might do a post on my holiday reading list as i read some really good books, but dunno yet). 
Also, i would just like to say that i achieved 2 really good things on holiday apart from reading so many books and tanning so dark, but i learnt how to swim PROPERLY finally, and faced my fear of swimming in the sea, so 2 cheers for megz!!!!!!
Anyway here is a just a few snaps from the holiday!
1st day and looking quite the pale, but with Pia<3

Jakob buried in the sand, after we took all the sand off he said "Put it back on its warm"

Getting our lifejackets on ready for a total wipeout style blow up area in the sea!

Da group looking fly

Thursday, 4 September 2014

My Top 3 Mascaras

Hey lovelies, sorry i haven't been back after my "promise" to blog every day, but i just haven't found the time, so I'm not going to promise ever again.

I don't know if anyone else has a problem with this too, but i find finding a good mascara, with i like and gives me the results I'm looking for quite hard, some are gloopy, some have rubbish wands, some don't give me the length and volume I'm looking for, and some smell really horrible! Anyway, over the past year or so, I've found a selection of good mascaras, and chosen my top 5 to share with you guys!

1. L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara in Black, £8.99
This mascara has been a true lifesaver for me with summer being the party season and all, and now i find that i wear it on a quite regular basis. I also wore it every single evening on holiday in Spain apart from one, and i got compliments from people, and asking what mascara i use, so this mascara is deffo number one on my top 5. It looks great with one coat, but even better with 2 or 3, it gives you a good length, but as well as length gives you just enough volume, not too much and not too little. Another plus side with this mascara is that it never leaves tiny speckles of black under my eyes, even after a whole day. The only downside to this mascara, is the price, its not too expensive, but its not cheap either, but it lasts for a long time so. All in all, i would recommend this mascara to anybody.

2. Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara in Black, £1.99
Where do i start talking about this mascara, it has been one of my favourites for a few years now, and i don't know what id have done without it, especially when i was younger. This is such a good mascara, and considering the price, id suggest you go to boots now and buy it. It gives such good length, and give a very natural look, and when i was in the younger years at school, this was my way of wearing make up, and getting away with it. Now i don't wear it alone, it usually wear it as a base mascara before i put another one on top, because it gives just such a good length to my lashes. The only fault i have to this mascara is that it is only sold at Boots, seeing as it is Boots own brand, but id defiantly take it worldwide if i could.

3. Barry M Intense Black Mascara 3in1, £6.19
This mascara was a mascara i originally got in a Clothes Show Live Barry M goodie bag, and since then i have been using it and rebuying it and using it more, etc etc. It just gives such a good look if you don't want to go all out, and you want a sort of natural look. I now usually wear this to school, with the Natural Collection mascara as a base, and it gives me a look of 'natural but still can see your wearing mascara', so its just perfect. This price is a little pricey, and i think it could drop down to maybe around£4, but it is Barry M and i just find them pricey as a whole. But anyway, if you want a look like i have for school, then this mascara is definitely for you.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Getting back into blogging,

Long time since my last post, and I've decided to get back into blogging from now on, I've been busy with my exams, and school and moving house, and to be honest, just couldn't be bothered to write anymore, but now i cann!

So some new things are going on with this blog;
-a new url!, the other one was way to cheesy ew
-a new look for the blog, in progress
-trying to post every week not everyday that i promised last time, this one seems more realistic to me
-this isn't so much to do with the blog but oh well, a new laptop, my other one broke and that was partly the reason i stopped blogging, because having to share one laptop between my whole family meant i had hardly any time on it